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About Us

The Eastern Watercross Association was cofounded by Snowmobile Hall of Fame member Herb Yancey and Veteran Driver Scott Mosher.


We believe that through fair logical rules and direction snowmobile watercross racing will grow to become the "Best show on H20".

 Our Plan:

We will work with the existing groups to unify rules for fair competition.

 Our future:

We will monitor market trends and adapt rules that are competitive and cost effective so that watercross racing will continue to grow.

 We have a slightly different format. In most cases there will be 2 to 3 qualifying rounds to make a final.  The reason and logic for this is simple. We believe this allows more opportunity for driver growth.  Our format assures that each driver races 2 heats per class in order to qualify. This keeps the action going and creates a more continuous program.

  Our classes include 600,  800 and Amateur, Semi Pro and Pro. Our logic on this is simple. The manufacturers are in a state of tremendous change. We want to ensure a competative circuit for many years to come.  


We welcome Driver and Member applications from everyone past and present for EWA. Please see our new registration page for the application. Good Luck we look forward to seeing you at our exciting events.